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Relationship Coaching

Mavis Humes Baird is an expert in recovery from divorce and betrayal. Ms. Baird specializes in assisting people to build self-esteem and rediscover their success and joy after difficult experiences. An integral part of Ms. Baird's work is repairing fractured relationships and ending self-destructive behaviors.

A defining concept of Ms. Baird’s practice is that healing goes beyond therapy and extends to developing healthy relationships and achieving one’s personal goals. The MHB approach incorporates practical exercises and techniques to implement the learning involved with healing so that individuals can return to a place of personal prosperity.  

Ms. Baird actively works with individuals and organizations to develop personalized and custom programs to reach their objectives. Ms. Baird is also involved in training other professionals to work with these techniques.




Fractured Relationships

Ms. Baird and her team help individuals and couples in fractured relationship where those difficulties stem from communication, illness, crisis and/or betrayal.  Often these circumstances are complicated by addiction or traumatic experiences that can have a lasting effect on all the relationships within an individual's life.  

Support comes in the form of therapeutic practice and practical exercises.  Resolution could be reconciliation or a decision to split up.  Regardless, the objective is healthier, considerate, and respectful relationships in the future.  


Addictions & Interventions

Alcohol, drug and sex addiction impact the lives of millions of adults in the country each year.  Families, relationships and lives are often destroyed by addiction driven behavior and decision making.

The MHB team focuses on recovery from addiction by emphasizing lifestyle and daily practices to change lives.




Crisis Recovery

Crisis affects people in different and varying ways.  Prior experiences can hold individuals captive, change the way they see the world, and prevent them from having happy and fulfilling relationships.  

Ms. Baird's practice and techniques help individuals understand their experiences and the influence on their behaviors, decisions, and outlook. Through visualization, mindfulness, and practical exercises, individuals are able to break unproductive and unhappy patterns.

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