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Mavis Humes Baird


        Addiction is 50% genetic, which means it can be largely outside of our control. Using chemicals or processes* with addictive characteristics is easy for many people. Some people who use chemicals or processes with innocent intentions can become addicted. It is difficult to recognize an addiction until it is in the later stages with drastic negative outcomes

*Including, but not limited to: legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, food, gambling.


Have you:

- Experienced negative consequences of substance use?

- Had a life-long history of substance use that is becoming a burden?

- Had trouble changing substance use patterns, even if you've wanted to?

- Noticed multi-generational addictions in your family?


People with a habit abuse substances or processes in a relatively mild, non-specific way.

People with a compulsion engage without progressive results or harm towards self or others. 

Addicts experience a progressive, self-destructive pattern that must be treated.



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