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The 'Partners Recovery Skills Workshop' is a six-week intensive recovery skills workshop.

In this intensive workshop, we work with partners and spouses of sex addicts for an accelerated healing workshop experience. You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of chosen experts in related disciplines.This can be scheduled without the stress of finding overnight arrangements for dependent family members, missing work, or being away overnight. We will meet for a series of workshop groups. At the end of the series, you will possess a whole new toolkit for coping, a shift in personal awareness and further resolution to troubles having to do with your spouse.

*This program is sometimes offered as a private retreat and we then condense it into the chosen number of days. Please inquire about availability:

 Below is an example of the workshop format:

Part I: Preparation

Two 90 minute individual sessions

Personal interview 

Plan individual goals 

Identify impact of sex addiction

Part II: Early Tools for Healing


Safety tools

Willingness scales

Sharing and support

Part III: Knowing or Not Knowing

Our experience of addiction

Safe disclosure: a recovery tool


Part IV: Reactions to Sexual Addiction

Discuss fears, memories, attachments, 

broken trust, and power/control dynamics

Part V: Super Tools

Safety separations 

Accountability coaching

Boundaries coaching

Communication coaching

Part VI: Integration and Self-Care

Bonding and intimacy

Identity and healing

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