Recovery Sense
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Addictions and Crisis Recovery Skills Teamwork

Mavis Humes Baird

Recovery Skills Coaching is a technique that allows you to clearly define your physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual or professional development goals and work towards them in an organized and effective way. This method provides you with the tools to change your life by overcoming current problems. These tools will remain with you as you move forward with greater ease and energy to conquer problems and opportunities that might arise throughout your life.

Recovery Skills Coaching works for addiction, trauma, relationships, finances, personal and professional development, and much more.

Together we will work to:
-Focus on your recovery
-Explore truth and love
-Clarify your core values
-Create a fulfilling (and sober, if applicable) lifestyle
-Create meaning and purpose
-Develop decision-making skills
-Develop communication skills
-Develop recovery tools
-Develop creativity
-Navigate boundaries
-Resolve conflict with loved ones
-Manage interpersonal crises
-Prevent relapse
-Pinpoint roadblocks to recovery
-Heal traumatic or dysfunctional bonding
-Keep your balance in connections and separation
-Welcome change
-Get to know yourself
-Fulfill your potential
-Journey to your future self

-Shedding ineffective defense strategies
-Using 'book-ending' for moving through challenges
-Using action item check-ins
-Questioning spiritual principles
-Taking inventory on paper
-Drawing up safety contracts
-Using 'fair-fighting' techniques
-Caring for your Emotional Body
-Facing impact of secrets and lies
-Using 'vision quests'
-Creating 'treasure maps'
-Balancing your energy

With these directives and more, my team and I can accompany you on a journey as we choose, address and master the changes in your life. Together, we will reframe conceptions of problems and negotiate relationships. I recognize that people come in all shapes and sizes and that each of us need our own kind of roadmap that fits who we are and where we are in our lives. -Mavis

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