Mending a Shattered Heart

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Mavis Humes Baird
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In Ch. 7  What can The Twelve Steps Do For Me? Mavis addresses these popular questions: 

·        Which meeting should I attend?

·        Can I attend the same meeting as the addict?

·        What is anonymity?

·        How do I identify myself during meetings?

·        Do I have to speak during the meeting or can I just listen?

·        What if I’m a male co-addict and the 12-step meetings for co-addicts in my town do not allow men?

·        Why do 12-step fellowships work?

·        How do I “work” a program?

·        What is a sponsor?

·        Will finding a sponsor be difficult?

·        Do the 12 steps help with couples’ issues?

·        How will my religious beliefs be affected by working the program?

·        What if I don’t feel a connection with my group?

And more!



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