Determining Problems of Addiction

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Mavis Humes Baird
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 Have you

- Only recently experienced negative consequences of substance use?

- Had a life-long history of substance use that is becoming a burden?

- Had trouble changing substance use patterns, even if you've wanted to?

- Noticed patterns of multi-generational addictions in your family?

Not every solution works for every situation.


Habits, Compulsions or Addictions?

Habit? Many people abuse substances or processes in a relatively mild, non-specific way, like a bad habit. 

Compulsion? Others can repeat a behavior but without progressive results, and without harm towards self or others. 

Addiction? Addiction is a progressive, self-destructive collision course that must be treated.

For the addict, denial makes it hard for the addict to grasp the true nature of their condition.


Other conditions can sometimes mimic addiction. 

Other conditions can co-exist along with addiction. 

Addictions can co-exist with each other

These all must be considered in the process of correct diagnosis and treatment planning.


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